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MH370 Flight Denunciation: Copilot would have been known to break rules of the …

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MH370 Flight Denunciation: Copilot would have been known to break rules of the ...

Several theories have emerged to try to clarify the mystery of the Boeing 777 of the MH370 flight, which disappeared from radar in March 2014 with 239 people on board.

The missing plane's commander, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, has been under intense scrutiny, with some suggesting that he has carried out a suicide mission after allegedly "practicing" the route in a home flight simulator, write the British tabloid Express.

However, co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid was also reported in two documentaries, which revealed an alleged violation of flight rules by having guests in the flight deck and smoking in mid-flight.

The documentary questions "the character and professionalism of the 27-year-old" who invited two women, Jonti Roos and Juan Maree, to the aircraft cabin during a one-hour flight from Phuket (Thailand) to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Violation of the rules

The women took selfies and stated that they stayed throughout the flight in the flight deck, including takeoff and landing.

"Throughout the flight (the pilots) were talking to us and in fact they were smoking throughout the flight, which I don't think they were allowed to do … they were practically upset all the time in their seats talking with us, "Roos said in 2014.

Malaysia Airlines spoke in a 2014 statement about this statement, commenting that it was aware of the allegations and took the allegations seriously.

For aviation expert David Gleave of Loughborough University (UK), this conduct is questionable but not suspect.

Involvement in the plane's disappearance

Another clue that the co-pilot may have been involved in the crash was that his phone was on mid-flight.

"It's very unusual for the crew to have their phones on when they are at altitude… And for one of the crew members to have their phone on and trying to get a message across would suggest something unpleasant," aviation lawyer James Healy-Pratt suggests.

                    AP Photo / Joshua Paul

Unidentified person wears mask depicting missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

However, others said he could also have turned on his cell phone to make a desperate call for help.

On March 8, 2014, the flight MH370 plane disappeared from radar 40 minutes after leaving Beijing's Kuala Lumpur airport with 239 people on board. Although several wrecks that belonged to the plane were found on the shores of Indian Ocean islands, the search for the aircraft was completed in 2018.

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