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Microsoft changes the look of the Xbox Game Pass brand

by ace

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen some changes on Xbox Live and now we can add the Xbox Game Pass to the equation. Microsoft today announced a subtle but important change. In the coming weeks, everything could make even more sense, so stay tuned.

The company is renaming the Xbox Game Pass brand to simply Game Pass. This move prevents the company’s Game Pass subscription from being explicitly linked to your console. The company is also changing the Xbox Game Pass for PC to simply Game Pass for PC.

While this is a minor update, it could be the beginning of a major transition for Microsoft. The company recently removed prepaid cards from Xbox Live for 12 months on its website and many famous insiders believe that this is the beginning of the phasing out of Xbox Live Gold.

Below, check out the brand new look that now has the Xbox + Game Pass logo, not the full name “Xbox Game Pass”:

Microsoft makes its new Xbox Game Pass branding official. Just “Game Pass” with the Xbox logo https://t.co/mr3hWfzP5f pic.twitter.com/0s3QIrXfUS

– Tom Warren (@tomwarren) August 1, 2020

What will replace Xbox Live Gold? The logical conclusion is that the Game Pass will be the new way to pay for Microsoft’s online services. Does this mean that you will need to subscribe to GamePass instead of Live Gold?

Possibly yes, but remember, Xbox Live Gold costs $ 29 per month before discounts and Game Pass also costs $ 29 per month. Meanwhile, Ultimate costs R $ 39 per month and also includes the Games Pass on the PC. Then Ultimate may cease to exist and its benefits will go to the Xbox Game Pass that has the same price as Live Gold. All of this is speculation, for now. Microsoft also recently announced that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will also be free, and this somehow further reinforces these speculations. The rumor of this change is very strong.

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