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Microsoft Flight Simulator is jaw-dropping in new teaser

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Earth is the star of the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator teaser, which gives Insider members a glimpse into the first episode of the Feature Discovery series. Episode 1 will take a look at our cool planet and all the picturesque places you might fly over when Microsoft Flight Simulator launches next year.

The Feature Discovery series will start in October, but you can sign up for the Insider program with your Microsoft account and get a preview of the members area. There are also other benefits, including the opportunity to take a game turn early.

The preview does not feature any planes, but there are still lots of amazing aerial photos of forests, cities and oceans – they are much nicer views than you would have if you were really flying. Insiders can watch on here. Hit play in the video below:

Teaser for MS Flight Simulator – Feature Discovery Series, Episode 1 (World). pic.twitter.com/FsVRP0Mgoq

– Klobrille (@klobrille) September 26, 2019

Alpha technical recruitment began earlier this month for Insiders, and although the script made the alpha release in September, it will not actually start until October 24. If you do not receive an invitation this time, there will be other opportunities to fly before launch.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Feature Discovery series begins October 10. Meanwhile, there are many clips and screenshots on the Insider page.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is jaw-dropping in new teaser

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