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Microsoft has changed the way you make money with Xbox

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Microsoft has changed the way you make money with Xbox

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Each game is a world; Therefore, with each release, companies look for ways to make their games profitable beyond their own sales. For years, we've seen all sorts of extra content (DLCs) in almost every game on the market, from expansions to cosmetic objects, to virtual currency, language packs, and a long list of items with which games continue to make a profit.

On many occasions, monetization has collided head-on with the user, so much that even many studios have had to recline to strike a balance between monetizing and exploiting the players' pockets. About that Matt Booty of Xbox Game Studios told the MCV. The head of Xbox Game Studios explained how the Xbox Game Pass helped change the company's vision when it comes to monetizing its releases.

Today, Game Pass is our main game promotion framework. Earlier, during the approval process, I was forced to always ask if developers had monetization plans and how they intended to generate additional profits. But now things have changed, studios can create games as they please and Game Pass will do whatever it takes.

The Xbox Game Pass is meeting the needs of many consumers and will remain an essential pillar of our offering even with the arrival of the next generation of consoles.


Microsoft has repeatedly confirmed that it is very pleased with the performance that the Xbox Game Pass is offering, the subscription service keeps growing and more and more players are coming to the service.

Microsoft has changed the way you make money with Xbox

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