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Microsoft offers job to dismissed Sony employees; PS5 is accused of …

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Microsoft offers job to dismissed Sony employees; PS5 is accused of ...

PlayStation 5. Sony patent-based concept.

Information that Sony will perform mass layoffs has come along with the latest official data released on the Playstation 5. The dismissed employees would have suffered from a reorganization that centralizes the different branches. Xbox's Aaron Greenberg encouraged job seekers to apply for jobs in Seattle.

According to a Video Games Chronicle report, Sony has laid off "dozens" of employees at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE). These layoffs were announced internally as new information about the PlayStation 5 was revealed on the PlayStation Blog and an interview with Wired.

Several affected officials told the Video Games Chronicle that this movement is part of an attempt to unify the different branches of the SIE. In the past, different branches had completely different marketing teams. At least one employee affected by the layoffs was told on Twitter about the timing of the layoffs, stating in a tweet now deleted that "I hate this being drowned out by the # PS5 ad".

That is just as Sony is changing a lot, with big additions and a price cut coming to PlayStation Now. In addition, Shawn Layden, former president of Sony Worldwide Studios, has left Sony for the official PlayStation Twitter account. There were no more statements from Layden, although he remains active and likes to comment on tweets on Twitter.

Sorry to hear the news, if folks are open to being in Seattle we have some roles posted. If I can do anything to help those in the industry impacted please let me know. Start here and you can filter by Xbox: https://t.co/L17Q4Lfiip

– Aaron Greenberg (@aarongreenberg) October 9, 2019

We would like to extend our condolences to all Sony employees for these layoffs and we hope that you will find new jobs soon, after all, you are the parents who have to support your homes. Xbox's Aaron Greenberg commented on Twitter and warned that the Xbox was hiring various positions in the Seattle area. If you are one of the affected team members and don't mind moving, be sure to apply as there are some openings available.

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Microsoft offers job to dismissed Sony employees; PS5 is accused of ...

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