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Microsoft "opens the wallet" and makes massive investment in Xbox

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"There has never been a better time to join the Xbox team," says the vacancy for a public relations manager at Xbox Game Studios. “Games are a major growth area for Microsoft as we realize our vision of enabling all players to play the games they want, with the people they want, wherever they are. To boost growth, unannounced titles and upcoming icon franchise chapters like Halo, Forza, Gears are under development from Xbox Game Studios. "Project Scarlett" – the next-generation Xbox console – and streaming games with Project xCloud are very close. " This focus on titles unknown to the public and Project Scarlett suggests that Microsoft is gaining momentum for a big boost for Xbox Game Studios next year before the release of the next generation console.

Microsoft's job search page looks for a lot of new employees, and they're hires like never before. There is for Xbox Content Portfolio Director to lead Xbox Game Studios PR teams, a global brand manager for consoles, accessories, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Experiences and a product marketing manager to help with global marketing strategies. In each role, there seems to be a boost to high-level marketing strategies and a general goal of focusing attention on Xbox Game Studios, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

There is a big change between Xbox and PlayStation. 2019 not only signals the end of a decade, but the beginning of the end of this generation of consoles. Project Scarlett and PS5 are launched in late 2020, and these job openings on Xbox would make sense if the intention was to increase publicity for titles released by Xbox Game Studios before and after the release of Project Scarlett. Especially considering that the PS4 has now been named the second best-selling console of all time, it looks like the Xbox is planning to enter 2020 with guns in hand and new determination for the next generation console.

Job openings at Xbox Game Studios also suggest that there are some major projects underway. Playground Games have been massively recruiting in recent months, and job opportunities continue. There are vacancies for the Forza Horizon team and the totally unknown AAA RPG project. With over 25 vacancies open for the Horizon team, all signs point to Forza Horizon 5. Meanwhile, despite the wave of recent hiring for the RPG team, there are still 40 vacancies open for the AAA project, which all they think it's Fable 4. Heavy waves of recruitment and hiring seem to fit a AAA project of this caliber.

Microsoft "opens the wallet" and makes massive investment in Xbox

The Initiative is hiring several positions, including a Senior Level Designer "to create game experiences that define the AAA genre." Obsidian, the studio behind The Outer Worlds, is looking for a Character Animator to create content for "a high level role playing game." Meanwhile, inXile Entertainment is also hiring. They are hiring a number of jobs, including Leading Software Engineer, Lead Environment Artist and Lead Designer, but interestingly they are for “an exciting, unexpected RPG project” or a “next-generation role-playing game”… ”The Leading Software Engineer position is looking for someone to“ guide the technical development of a next-generation, cross-platform, single-player RPG with action elements. ”

The variety of openings at different Xbox Game Studios and the games they seem to imply mean that the Xbox may have several titles up its sleeve for next year and the next generation. It looks like we can expect big announcements from next year and a greater focus on Xbox Game Studios. Microsoft's wallet is wide open.

What titles do you think we'll see? Will we hear about Fable 4 soon? Let us know in the comments!


Microsoft "opens the wallet" and makes massive investment in Xbox

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