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Morales promises 2nd round if fraud is found and invites Brazil to …

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Morales promises 2nd round if fraud is found and invites Brazil to ...


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Bolivian President Evo Morales said on Saturday (26) that if election fraud were found he would accept a second round and invited Brazil and other countries to audit the votes.

"We have listened to the positions of the foreign ministers of Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and the United States. I invite these and other countries to participate in the audit we have proposed. May all minutes be reviewed. the 2nd round, "Morales said through Twitter.

Despite the statement, he warned that his supporters in rural areas could besiege cities if the opposition continues to contest his reelection.

Bolivian presidential elections took place last Sunday. After 100% of the polls, Morales finished with 47.08% of the votes, while Carlos Mesa had 36.51%. A candidate wins in the first round if he gets more than 40% of the votes and a 10 point difference from the second candidate, or if he gets 50% of the votes plus one.

                    REUTERS / Ueslei Marcellin

Bolivian presidential candidate Carlos Mesa participates in protests in La Paz on October 22, 2019

During the count, there was a temporary interruption of real-time disclosure of the result, leading to accusations of opposition fraud. Prior to suspension, the partial result signaled a second round.

Morales goes to his 4th term as Bolivian president, the longest-running leader in Latin America. He will remain in power until 2025.

'Audit vote by vote'

After the turning in the counting of the photos, there were demonstrations in the main cities of the country. In addition, several countries asked for a recount of the votes to confirm the smoothness of the election. Brazil, Bolivia's largest trading partner, said it would not recognize the results until the Organization of American States (OAS) finalized its vote-count hearing.

In a speech in the city of Cochabamba, Molares said once again that countries questioning the vote could participate in an audit. "Let's do an audit vote by vote," said the president, according to published by the Reuters agency.

'Let's see if they can handle it'

“I will accompany (the hearing). If there is fraud, the next day I will call a runoff, ”Morales added in comments on the state television station.

Later. In another event held in the city, he reminded his opponents of the support he has in rural areas of the country. "If they want strikes, no problem. Let's join them in surrounding cities. Let's see if they can handle it," he said.

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