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Netflix: The Witcher will be more 'terror' than fantasy

by ace
Netflix: The Witcher will be more 'terror' than fantasy

It is a couple of months away from The Witcher's Netflix debut, and the series visual effects supervisor has already promised that the series will be more frightening than fantastic.

Julian Parry told SFX Magazine (via GamesRadar):

"No doubt I think it leans more towards terror. We will definitely reduce the fantasy. I can honestly say that we are not so fantastic. I mean, it's a fantasy series, but in the sense of a terror with our feet flat on the ground. "

Parry used the example of the Striga monsters – cursed women who turn into beasts – as depicting "twisted-looking" body terror rather than fantasy escapism. The new trailer also includes some scary monsters, such as what appears to be a scavenger of some kind (perhaps a ghoul or foglet).

The shift in focus helps the Netflix series The Witcher move away from series like Game of Thrones, pointing more to the suspenseful moments of Buffy or Supernatural. Supernatural, by the way, seems like a pretty happy comparison, as both the Winchester brothers and Geralt of Rivia make their living in the economy of the scary monster hunt.

The Witcher's showrunner Lauren Hissrich has publicly said she has scheduled seven seasons of narrative progression for Geralt's Netflix fighters, so if the audience's reception is positive, The Witcher could become a flagship of the service.

The first season of eight episodes is set to premiere on December 20 this year.

Abílio Rodrigues (of Rivia) is the technology editor of IGN Portugal, a confessed music lover and PC gaming enthusiast. You can follow him on @KaikaneTR

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