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New Onix arrives with dynamic, sophisticated look

by ace
New Onix arrives with dynamic, sophisticated look

Just a quick glance to realize that Onix 2020 comes with a new look: a dynamic yet sophisticated design, as you can see in the video.

There are two versions: the hatch and the sedan, which is now called Onix Plus. Both draw attention for their striking proportions and athletic lines, but each has its own personality, with the rear having different dimensions.

Onix is ​​larger in width, wheelbase and length in its two versions. In the case of Onix Plus, the length is 4,476 mm and the width 1,746 mm. The practical result is more comfort for all occupants. For the knees only, there is a further 36 mm of space.

All the design was thought to unite beauty and functionality. The front grille, for example, has the larger underside to optimize engine cooling. The upper part of Onix 2020 follows the outline of the optical assembly, with the gold tie in the center.

Another example of functionality is the hood creases, which run from the roof to the back cover. They are designed to give the sheet metal extra rigidity. The tilt angle of the hood, however, provides greater pedestrian protection in case of impact and helps reduce wind noise at high speeds.

On Onix Plus, the taillights are split and extend to the trunk lid. The bright signature gets a charm with a bright LED stroke.


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