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Nine Catalan Separatists Arrested for Preparing Violent Acts

by ace


Nine separatist militants from the Catalonia region of Spain suspected of “preparing for violent actions” were arrested Monday by the Civil Guard, the body said in a statement.

In operations, carried out especially in the city of Sabadell (25 km north of Barcelona), “equipment and substances used to make explosives” were found, the Civil Guard said.

Asked by the AFP, a Guard spokesman did not specify the nature of the seized substances.

The arrests were ordered by the National Hearing, a court specialized in terrorism cases, to shed light on “alleged criminal activities planned by the Defense Committees of the Republic (CDR)”.

Created during Catalonia’s attempted secession in October 2017 in dozens of municipalities in the region, these groups of citizens became famous by cutting off roads or railroads and sometimes clashing with police.

In their social network account, the CDR reported “indiscriminate searches and arbitrary arrests”.

The operation came just weeks before the announcement in October of a court ruling against twelve separatist leaders tried by the Supreme Court for attempting to secede in 2017.

A condemnation of these separatists could provoke strong protests in northeastern Spain.


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