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Not Everyone Likes Retirement

by ace
Not Everyone Likes Retirement

Retirement is not for everyone. Are you the type of person who never managed to live up to stereotypes? When we think of a stereotype, the classic is the image of your standard elderly citizen.

This image is a grandma or grandpa who moves slowly and has just worked on her career and wants nothing more than to sit on the back porch and wait for the next holiday to see her grandchildren.

Well, if you are like many older adults of the new century, we look at this stereotype and say: forget it!

We are the type of person who has had an incredible and exciting life because we take risks and live active lives facing challenges and winning those challenges.

Probably the most intriguing idea of ​​this sweet grandma and grandpa stereotype is that we should all retire at age 65 or 70 and stop working because we couldn’t wait to retire.

But not everyone is exactly like that. Some of us are in careers that are the calling of our lives, and going to work is as much fun as it is fun.

You love what we do, and the idea of ​​not doing it every day of your life is more of a prison than a reward at the end of your life.

The very idea of ​​changing the way we live because it is the end of life seems to yield as much as an extended vacation. And we are not the type to surrender to the inevitability that life will end.

The end may come and catch you, but it will fight with your hands. If you are that kind of person, retirement may not be for you, because retirement is not for everyone.

And just because some people have the image of interrupting their careers only when things were getting great as a way of living their last few decades, why should you be forced to live someone else’s dream?

That is why we live in a free country. You should not be forced to retire.

If you love what you do, getting up and starting to work is what gets the blood through your veins, and your metabolism works like good food and rest.

People, by nature, are born to work. It is what defines us and does something to contribute to society, and being rewarded for that work is what makes you stand out.

Therefore, you shouldn’t feel bad when it is the older person who throws the stereotype out the window and continues to prosper by doing what he likes to do in his work.

One way to expand your role in the profession you love is not to step down, but to take on the part of senior consultant, principal advisor, and the wise old owl of the office.

His decades of experiences are a treasure trove of wisdom and a source of education for the new puppies.

That is one reason why, in many companies across the country, management is seeing the wisdom of retaining elderly workers instead of forcing them to retire.

This is a significant change in the mentality that has prevailed for a long time that the old have had to move out of the way into the new. Now, the former is a precious resource for teaching young people how to do the right thing.

By treating the elderly with reverence and respect, business is learning what many civilizations have known for a long time; the elderly are a treasure to be cherished and cared for, not thrown away.


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