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Obisidian intends to add other languages ​​to Grounded

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Upon reaching the Xbox Game Pass, Grounded continues to experience success and improvements in the project. Obsidian, the Californian company responsible for the title (as well as the acclaimed The Outer Worlds) was not content to rank Grounded among the most popular on Steam and Twitch on its first day of release, and apparently has close plans to add to the title more languages.

Through the official Twitter account for the game, the developers answered a question from users on this issue, and indicated that the game will be available in other languages ​​in the future. The boy asked when the Spanish language will be added, and this was the answer:

I don’t know yet, but we will announce them as more languages ​​are added!

I don’t know at this time, but we will announce them as more languages ​​are added!

– Grounded (@GroundedTheGame) July 30, 2020

The game was launched in early access, that is, in a premature phase and will receive improvements and content until 2021. It does not come with Brazilian Portuguese language, but it is something that the fans are asking a lot that Obisidian add.

Getting the size of an ant and having to survive in a garden already seems like a huge task, but if you add to that don’t understand what elements we have to obtain to create our survival kits, weapons and others, then it becomes very difficult for many .

Obsidian has at least confirmed that, in the future, Grounded will receive other languages, which will undoubtedly attract a wider audience, accustomed to enjoying their games. Windows Club will stay on and inform you of everything about Grounded and other Xbox Game Studios titles.

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