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Pakistan warns the world about a possible nuclear war with India

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Pakistan warns the world about a possible nuclear war with India

Pakistan has once again warned the international community of a possible nuclear war with India in the face of mounting tensions in Kashmir, said Masood Khan, president of Azad Kashmir, the Pakistani-led sector.

"Even a limited military conflict can lead to nuclear war," Khan told Sputnik.

He added that his country is not trying to start a war.

"We are foreseeing a realistic scenario for the international community to act and pressure India to stop its illegal acts," Khan continued.

In the opinion of the Pakistani leadership, in the open phase of a hypothetical conflict "other countries will not be directly involved".

"If there is a war between India and Pakistan, it will be very quick and deadly. It will be armageddon. Hundreds of millions will die in South Asia, radiation will affect 2.5 billion people worldwide," he warned.

                    AP Photo / Anjum Naveed)

A Pakistani army soldier on guard atop a front area on the Control Line (LOC), which divides Kashmir between Pakistan and India. (Archive)

Khan asked the UN Security Council to get involved in the situation to channel it through diplomatic channels.
In early August, India abolished the autonomy of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and approved the division of this entity into two territories from October 31.

Pakistan has warned that it will do everything to counter a unilateral change in the status of Jammu and Kashmir, internationally recognized as a disputed territory.

The troops from both Kashmir countries are separated by a military border, the so-called "line of control", which lacks international recognition and in which frequent incidents are recorded.

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