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Passenger smokes weed on board and 'force' landing plane in US emergency …

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Passenger smokes weed on board and 'force' landing plane in US emergency ...


09:45 Sep 22, 1919 (updated 09:48 Sep 22, 1919) Short URL

An American Airlines plane had to make an emergency landing after a passenger smoked weed on board.

The plane took off from Arizona bound for Minnesota when it had to land in Denver after the man claimed to have used cocaine before smoking pot in the aircraft's bathroom.

According to portal TMZ, the passengers heard the man saying he had used narcotics. Shortly after, the man went to the bathroom where he was locked for ten minutes, while the flight attendants tried to get him out of the room.

Five minutes before landing, the man left the bathroom to go to his seat. According to the passengers, he showed abnormal behavior and was "very angry".

When police and medical personnel boarded the aircraft, the man grabbed a joint and a lighter, starting to smoke the narcotic. The pilot then asked the passengers in the first 13 rows to leave the aircraft so that the man could be removed. The man, who was exalted, still managed to hit one of the passengers.

                    AP Photo / Wilfredo Lee

Vertical Stabilizers Painted on American Airlines Jets Parked at Miami International Airport (Archive)

Shortly after, the police and paramedics managed to remove it. At the moment of his withdrawal, the man made several threats.

A representative of American Airlines confirmed Fox News reported that Flight 2408 was diverted due to a "disturbing passenger".

The spokesman also thanked the crew for taking care of the other passengers during the incident.

Denver police told TMZ that the man was not arrested or indicted for the disorder, but had been treated at the hospital.

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