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Play The Outer Worlds with this trick now

by ace
Play The Outer Worlds with this trick now

If you want to play The Outer Worlds now, you can do this little trick. The game is now available in some regions, and just a simple region change from your Xbox One, and you can enjoy this title right now.

Remember, the official release date of The Outer Worlds is October 25th, but in Brazil the game can be played from 20 hours today! But if you want to play right now, then go to your console settings> idiome and region> and just change the region to New Zealand. That way you can start this magnificent RPG.

And have you ever played? Or will you wait for Brazil time or the weekend? Vale points out that Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Xbox One or PC will be able to play at no additional charge on the same date.

Play The Outer Worlds with this trick now

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