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PM seeks to move past Tory setbacks with attack on Corbyn ‘horror show’

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PM seeks to move past Tory setbacks with attack on Corbyn 'horror show'

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Boris Johnson warned of a "horror show" if Jeremy Corbyn replaced him as prime minister, as he was trying to go through initial setbacks for the conservative general election campaign.

After visiting the queen at Buckingham Palace this morning – to fire the starter in the official election campaign – Johnson spoke on Downing Street before the December 12 vote.

Corbyn responds to Rees-Mogg's comments in Grenfell

Repeating his promise to "do Brexit," the prime minister said the "alternative" to a conservative victory next month was for the UK "to spend all year 2020 in a horror show with more hesitation and delays. "

"Imagine waking up on Friday December 13th and finding Corbyn ahead of your coalition technicolor yawn," he added.

"And they would spend the whole of 2020 having two referendums.

"One in Scotland – because he made a deal with the Scottish nationalists to help break up the Union if they support him in power.

"And another referendum on Brexit, which should take place nine months from now, after he allegedly renegotiated our departure and renegotiated that deal."

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On the other hand, Johnson promised to remove the UK from the EU in January if voters support conservatives in the polls.

However, the prime minister suffered an unstable start in the election campaign. It follows:

  • Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns left Johnson's government after reports that he had prior knowledge of a collapsing rape trial, although he said he was unaware of the details.
  • Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn took advantage of the "shameful" comments from the high Tories about the Grenfell Tower fire, for which they were forced to apologize.
  • Conservatives faced questions about a party campaign video that critics say was "manipulated".
  • Former Conservative Minister Ed Vaizey has announced that he will not attend the election, although Johnson handed over the Conservative whip last week.

During his speech on Downing Street, Johnson said he was "wanting to brush my own tie in frustration" for not fulfilling his "do or die" promise to remove the UK from the EU on 31 October.

"We have an oven-ready deal whereby we can leave the EU in just a few weeks," he said, adding, "So it has been downright disconcerting in recent weeks to see how Parliament voted for the first time." to approve this agreement and then voted for delay.

"I am afraid it is clear that if parliament got what it wanted, that country would not leave even on January 31 and that is bad for democracy, it is disastrous for confidence in politics.

"Why should parliamentarians decide they can cancel the referendum result?"

In a new attack on Corbyn, the prime minister accused Labor of "taking sides" with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the chemical weapons attack on Salisbury.

Following is his comparison of the labor leader with Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union about his "hatred" of wealth creators.

Johnson will formally launch the conservative election campaign at a rally in the West Midlands on Wednesday night.

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