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Possible Idris Elba character revealed in The Suicide Squad

by ace
Possible Idris Elba character revealed in The Suicide Squad

Although we should treat this information as a rumor until there is any official confirmation, the truth is that the leak we'll talk about in the following lines is really interesting.

But what is it all about? Well, Idris Elba's character seems to have finally been unraveled in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie by James Gunn. And surely for the most part it will be a huge surprise. Recently, the possibility of the actor giving life to Bronze Tiger has been advanced, but according to podcast The Weekly PlanetIt is very likely that Elba will take over the role of Watcher.

In DC's mini-series, Rebirth Vigilante: Southland, the masked man goes by the name of Donald Fairchild, a former basketball player who hides his face to fight crime. If the rumor is right, this is the version embodied by Idris Elba.

Moreover, according to the same leak, we also talk about the possible roles of other actors in the movie. For example, Sean Gunn may be Weasel, Flula Borg may give life to Red Dart, Pete Davidson may be Blackguard, and Michael Rooker may play Savant. You can find out all this information through the video above.

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