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Reese Witherspoon revealed her skincare secrets— these are the 3 products she…

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Yahoo Lifestyle is committed to finding the best products at the best prices. We can welcome you on purchases made through links on this page. We love her in Big Little Lies, we applaud her in Legally Blonde and we can't wait to see her on The Morning Show! Reese Witherspoon doesn't just have an illustrious career; She is also an expert in style and beauty. One of its most striking features is its shiny, glass-like skin – and it has just unveiled the products it uses to achieve it. favorite cult oil, a face massager under $ 100 it is a skin renewal treatment at home.Below are the three night skin products that Reese Witherspoon swears by:Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Replenishing Oil. (Photo: Dermstore) Witherspoon called it Replenishing Oil Elizabeth Arden "Great," adding that "take off all my makeup and make my skin so soft and hydrated." In the video, you can see her loosen the oil on a cotton pad and rub gently around her face. The makeup seems to drip easily – and your face keeps the same pigmentation from start to finish, a sign that this makeup remover doesn't burn or sting. "Love it," Witherspoon said of the product.Buy: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Replenishing Oil, $ 36, dermstore.comNuVibe RX Amethyst massaging beauty roller. (Photo: Dermstore) A facial massager can relieve swelling and soothe redness. This non-invasive amethyst roller transforms your skin temporarily and helps increase the effectiveness of your skin care routine. It uses a vibrating massage that helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. "It's so good," Witherspoon said, using the massager after removing her makeup and washing her face with warm water. “I do it in the morning too, a little. And then it helps me get rid of dark circles in the morning.Buy: NuVibe RX Amethyst Massaging Beauty Roller, $ 95, dermstore.comPrevent progressive treatment of renewal. (Photo: Amazon) New to the A-lister routine is the Prevent progressive treatment of renewalwhich claims to renew the skin in four weeks. Consisting of four different treatments (each step should be used for a week, making the entire treatment good for a month). "It's like having a shell, but at home," Witherspoon explained. “And that's very kind. It acts as a skin peel. While the most expensive item, this anti-aging quartet promises to shrink fine lines and pores to the tone of the skin and rejuvenate the look of your skin.Buy: Prevents progressive treatment of renewal, $ 162, ulta.comShe ended her tutor with this sensible advice: "And don't forget women: always with moisturizer at night." Read more on Yahoo Lifestyle: Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitterand Pinterest for uninterrupted inspiration delivered daily to your feed every day. Sign here to the Yahoo newsletter.


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