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Rick Stein fury: Reason TV chef has ‘bee in bonnet’ with Tories exposed

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Rick Stein fury: Reason TV chef has ‘bee in bonnet’ with Tories exposed

Rick Stein has become something of a celebrity in the UK. Most people turned on the TV to find Cornish converts making some seafood medley at some point in their lives.

Since the nineties, Rick has conquered the world of culinary TV, having appeared on a series of programs and written countless books.

He traveled the world in search of all the tasty things, taking us along the way.

Padstow, Cornwall, where he moved after graduating from university, has become as much a part of his life as food.

Not entering the culinary world by the more traditional routes, Rick failed his school and found himself on a trip to Australia shortly after his father's death at the age of 19.

Working as a factory worker in a slaughterhouse, and later as a shipyard worker, Rick probably never had a career as a TV chef in mind.

After traveling to New Zealand, Rick returned to the United Kingdom.

It was here that he successfully applied to university and soon moved to Padstow.

He set up a mobile disco with a friend who was soon closed, but managed to keep his food license.

ONLY IN: Rick Stein's Brexit heartbreak: TV chef's EU tension exposed

The original sugar tax came as part of the 2016 budget, announced by former Chancellor George Osborne.

He introduced a fee for the soft drink industry, taxing the total sugar content above 5g per 100ml in drinks like Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Irn Bru.

Speaking at the House of Commons at the time, Mr. Osborne said: "I am not prepared to reminisce about my time here in this Parliament, doing this work and saying to my children's generation: I'm sorry. We knew there was a problem with sugary drinks . We knew it caused disease. But we avoided difficult decisions and did nothing & # 39 ;.

In a 2019 interview, however, Rick took advantage of the happy days of ten tablespoons of sugar.

Reflecting on how his temper has cooled over the years, he said, "It's much better now. I think partly because my wife takes the shit out of me all the time!

"I have a real bee in my hat about the fact that sugar has been removed from so many drinks and replaced with artificial sweeteners.

"I understand that there is a real problem with obesity, but I find it a little irritating that now I can't buy the soft drinks I like without them."

It is not the only time Rick has expressed his political views.

At the beginning of the interview, Rick remembered his late great friend and collaborator, David Pritchard.

He told how, despite their close friendship, the two disagreed about Brexit.

While Rick's series exploring food in France was in production, David died of cancer.

Rick explained: “We all knew he was going to die.

“We just wanted to make this series long for a country that we both love.

"I have been filming in France with David since we started doing TV together 30 years ago and I wanted to share it with him.

“Interestingly, David voted to leave the European Union.

"And I voted to stay."


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