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Robert De Niro Reveals Joker's SPOILERS at Tonight Show

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Robert De Niro Reveals Joker's SPOILERS at Tonight Show

Robert De Niro's role in Todd Phillips's Joker movie is very important. It is not in vain that it somehow interferes with the evolution of the character Arthur Fleck.

However, the role of Murray Franklin is not the only important thing for De Niro – the actor also seems to make a point of revealing important information about the film. And, as if one spoiler wasn't enough, the veteran actor dropped two during the latest episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Comicbook).

The two spoilers are exactly the same, but said at different times. It's worth noting that, in these things, not everything is what it seems, because in the movie, Murray is the host of a popular talk show, such as Jimmy Fallon. You can see the video below:

Recently, the Joker movie has also been featured in more serious topics. Apparently, the FBI and the US Army are very concerned about the possibility of mass shootings in various theaters across the country on the day of the film's premiere on Oct. 4 in Donald Trump's country.

Joker has been critically acclaimed, having won the top prize at the Venice International Film Festival.

Joker is one of the DC Comics films coming out in the near future, but this one will have no connection to other projects being produced at Warner Bros. The director also said that only Phoenix was invited to the role and that the whole movie was designed for him.

Joker opens at the national theaters on October 3.

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