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Rocky IV: Sylvester Stallone Recalls Moment When He Met Dolph Lundgren

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Rocky IV: Sylvester Stallone Recalls Moment When He Met Dolph Lundgren


Rocky creator and star Sylvester Stallone has plans to re-work with Dolph Lundgren on several projects, but his first impression of Lundgren during the Rocky IV casting sessions was not the best.

In conversation with Jimmy FallonStallone recalled his first meeting with Lundgren:

“In Rocky IV, I wanted a really huge, terrible, ruthless guy,” he explained.

“Like a primitive man. And I couldn’t find him. I ran into giant fighters, football players, that kind of people. And then, suddenly, the door opens, the smoke comes in, the light comes on.” . ”

“He had broad shoulders, good hair, everything was perfect. Even the twins were noticeable under his clothes. He was the real Terminator, and I thought, ‘I hate this guy. He’s too perfect. And if I hate him, surely that the world will do the same. ‘It isn’t, but it looks like something that came thousands of years from the future. ”

Of course, Lundgren has become one of Rocky’s most formidable opponents, as well as Stallone’s collaborator on other projects. One of these other projects is a television series in which the two began work long ago.

“There’s an idea we had called The International,” explained Stallone.

“It deals with the United Nations, but a different United Nations, a bit hardcore. There’s a lot of action but it also feeds a lot on who Dolph is, because he’s international. He’s incredibly smart so he’s going to lend a different tone to all this.”

The two actors starred in Stallone’s The Expendables films, with Lundgren bringing Gunner Jensen to life in the second and third films. And there is still the potential to return to a fourth franchise movie.

“We hope to do this series together, maybe I’ll do it, I’ll produce it. Then we might do another Mercenary,” suggested Stallone.

The latest from Stallone is the upcoming Rambo saga, The Last Battle.

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