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Royal Mail makes huge change to delivery service in UK from tomorrow – what to…

by ace

Earlier this year, Royal Mail announced that it would stop delivery of all letters over the weekend due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now he has published an update on when the British will receive deliveries.

The changes were implemented due to factors, including rules of social distance and a "high level" of coronavirus-related absences.

However, he has now confirmed that services will return to normal as of tomorrow.

The Royal Mail website said: "We will resume delivery of letters and parcels six days a week from June 13th".

This means that the British can receive all deliveries, including letters and parcels, every day from Monday to Saturday.


The change was first implemented five weeks ago as many companies tried to adapt to the blocking rules.

Although the courier service continued, Royal Mail explained that some members of the team were isolating themselves.

A message on the Royal Mail website said: "We continue to work hard to collect, process and deliver UK mail in unprecedented times.

"However, together with other organizations, we are facing increasing levels of employee absence due to illness and self-isolation.

"Currently, absence rates are significantly higher than what we normally expect at this time of year."

To address this, they upgraded delivery services across the UK.

The post continued: "To manage these levels of severe absence, we are implementing a number of mitigations.

"This includes changing the Special Delivery time guarantee, deploying non-operational managers on delivery and temporarily not delivering any more letters on Saturday."

The coronavirus blockade was announced on March 23 and the British were invited to stay at home as long as possible.

In recent weeks, the UK government has begun to relax restrictions.

This included relaxing rules for going outdoors and reopening in non-essential retail stores.


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