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Russia puts into service 1st radar beyond the horizon with a range of 2,000 …

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Russia puts into service 1st radar beyond the horizon with a range of 2,000 ...


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The first radar beyond the Russian horizon Konteiner, capable of detecting air targets at a distance of 2,000 kilometers, is now fully operational, says the commander of Russia's First Anti-Air Defense and Missile Army.

According to Lieutenant General Andrei Demin, the commander of the 1st Anti-Aircraft and Missile Defense Army, the brand new radar beyond the Russian horizon Konteiner has already entered service.

"We can now monitor in real time potential enemy attacks from several hundred to 2,000 kilometers from the national border. It is a continuous tracking radar to monitor the aerospace situation in the western and southern sectors," said Andrei Demin.

From its location in the Republic of Mordovia, on the Volga River, radar beyond the horizon can detect exits from aircraft embarking on ships in the Baltic, Black and Mediterranean Seas, as well as tactical aircraft takeoffs, mass cruise missile launches and even spot launchings of hypersonic missiles towards Russia.

"We had no such information before, so the warning of impending air raid was much less effective," the general said.

Overseas radar, known as OTHR for Over The Horizon Radar, can detect targets beyond the horizon thanks to the waves that are reflected in the ionosphere.

Konteiner operational tests began on December 1, 2018.

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