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Shia LaBeouf reveals fighting naked with Tom Hardy

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Shia LaBeouf reveals fighting naked with Tom Hardy

Shia LaBeouf recalled the occasion when she fought naked with Tom Hardy – yes, it seems that it did happen.

In the latest episode of Hot ones, a series where guest and interviewer eat chicken wings during the conversation, the always controversial LaBeouf has revealed some details about this bizarre story. In 2012, LaBeouf and Hardy were the stars of the lawless mafia movie. Apparently, the two were fighting each other's "wrestling" style. On one occasion something happened … with less clothing than on the previous ones.

At the time, it was rumored that the two of them used to fall out on and off the set – some even claimed that LaBeouf even punched Hardy, knocking him unconscious. When asked about the truth of this story, LaBeouf stated that it was all "bullshit."

"We used to fight wrestling constantly, and he was a giant person, especially then: he was getting ready to play Bane," Shia recalled.

"My girlfriend was at my house, we were on the porch, we saw him and his coach coming back from the gym. We were always fighting with each other, but it turns out that this week my girlfriend was in town. He came into the room and she was terrified. "

"He grabbed me and I had nothing, naked, on his shoulders. We went down the hall and fought over there. I was upset because he got the best of it; he was in a weird position, naked and all crooked … down the stairs, he fell to the ground and hurt himself in the back. During the rest of the shoot, he said I made him lose consciousness, but that's not what happened – we had a gracefully weird wrestling match. "

Shia LaBeouf's next work will be Honey Boy, a film written by him that talks about his life and plays Shia as his own father.

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