Should You Learn From One On One Coaching Or Done For You Program
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Should You Learn From One On One Coaching Or Done For You Program

There are many ways to take in information and get your problems solved, whether these are technical problems, money problems, health or innermost problems, whatever your issue is there’s always some kind of a solution available. There are many terms and many ways of teaching you may not have been exposed to, let’s figure out which one is best for you. A physical seminar, a home study course, one on one training or done for you training.

A physical seminar means someone hosts an event, usually at a hotel in a major city. You fly to that hotel, usually for a weekend, show up in the meeting room, and see presenters speak on stage. You take notes, you figure out what needs to be done, this is a great fast way to immerse yourself and get a lot of information upfront, get on track and connect with other attendees at the seminar. The only problem with a seminar is that it might be a long trip for you to travel to one of these events and it does cost a few thousand dollars after your take into account the ticket for the event, the travel and hotel. But, if you are brand new to an event this is the way for you to get started.

On the other hand, if you’re not quite ready to go to a live event or your budget is still low at the moment, a home study course is a great alternative. A home study course means that you pay x for access to a download area, you might get some CDs, DVDs and workbooks in the mail, and you may have a way to interact with other people online. There are home study courses that are as simple as a PDF report, a series of audios or one long video. A home study course is what you should go for if your budget is limited and you are first getting started in a niche. In fact, a great plan for you is to buy a home study course now, give yourself a month or two to complete all of the training and then attend a physical seminar in this niche.

When you attend a physical seminar they might sell you on more home study courses, but what many people offer is some one on one training. This means that use the home study course and the notes you took in the physical seminar to set up the basics, set up your basic real estate business, or your basic internet marketing business. Now it’s time to make you it and to course correct and get over obstacles that you might see along the way. For example, is your list not big enough, are there sales that aren’t converting, do you have enough traffic, are you not sure about what product to make, These are all things that a one on one coach can help you with when you meet with them, the figure out what’s wrong with your business and you correct it.

The final choice, and this is if you have a large budget and not wanting to do a lot of work at all, is the done for you option. This is where you pay someone a lot of money to set up your website, to run your ad campaign. You give them money and they do as much as possible on their own.

So, when you’re deciding between a physical seminar, a home study course, one on one training or a done for you option, I recommend that you start by buying a home study course. Then, plan on attending a physical seminar and based on the advice there graduate to either a one on one option, if you want to have a hands on business, or a done for you option if you want to outsource your business.