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Six Tricks Every Xbox One Gamer Must Know

by ace
Seis truques que todo jogador do Xbox One deve saber

Microsoft is constantly adding new features to its Xbox One console, and many of them may be in demand over time. Well, Windows Club will compile a few tricks so you know your console better. This story may appeal not only to beginners, but even some players who let it go unnoticed.

If you want to explore your Xbox One, you've found the right site for it as we provide a number of cool game tips, discounts, news and tricks. Without further ado, below you can see six important tips for your gamer life.

Adjust power settings

Xbox One has two power settings, which you access under Settings> Power and Startup. The idea here is simple, you can enable the mode that leaves the console "semi-awake" for quick access to everything or you can enable the "power saving" mode that completely shuts down your console.

While there, set the console to turn off after one or six hours of inactivity (or not) and whether you want the console to receive system updates automatically (available with Instant-on enabled only). Otherwise, you will check for system updates automatically. Automatic game / app updates are an option regardless of the power setting you choose.

Store more via USB

Six Tricks Every Xbox One Gamer Must Know

Especially with the arrival of the Xbox Game Pass, there are many games available per week and the internal memory of your Xbox One can surely be a problem. It's a lot of space game, so this tip will help improve that.

You can attach a USB flash drive (Pendrive) or a full USB SSD or hard disk (HD) to an Xbox for more storage. Warnings: The drive must be using USB 3.0 and have a minimum capacity of 256 GB (maximum 16 terabytes). If you need even more storage, plug in two drives (this is the limit).

Plug in the unit, and if supported, Xbox One will guide you through the installation – you'll format it for use with Media or Games and Applications. Even drives that do not always meet game storage requirements can be used for media storage (video / music) in a format that allows you to move the drive to a PC; if the drive is formatted for games and applications, it will only work with Xbox One. Best of all, with a very, very fast disc – say 7200 RPM – it will be faster than Xbox One so games can load even faster.

Go to Settings> System> Storage for more options, such as moving existing downloaded games to the new drive.

Take a screen or record clips from a game

It's easy to capture 30-second screenshots or video clips of your Xbox One games. Tap the Xbox button when you see the screen you want and tap Y. Or tap X to capture the last 30 seconds of gameplay in a video. . (This only works in games, not in other applications.) You can find captured photos by pressing and navigating to the Streaming icon. The menu will show Capture; Sign in and select Manage captures.

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Instant login (if you are the only user)

Six Tricks Every Xbox One Gamer Must Know

Go to Settings> Account> Login, Security and Password and choose a specific account to always get Instant Login. This is definitely the way to go if you are the only (or at least the main) user of the console. You can also link accounts to different controls, so your spouse doesn't have to re-register if she gets her favorite control.

Get application for Blu-ray playback

Six Tricks Every Xbox One Gamer Must Know

Xbox One is a Blu-ray player, while Xbox One S and One X are native UHD / 4K Blu-ray players (but still play regular Blu-rays in addition to older DVDs). This is all great, but guess what? You need an app, cleverly called Blu-Ray, to play the discs – it's in the Xbox Store for free. You should be prompted to install it the first time you put in a Blu-ray disc. Go to Settings> Disc and Blu-ray to disable automatic playback of inserted discs.

Check Internet Usage

If your ISP provides a data limit, and you fear your Xbox One may consume it, check Settings> Network> Network Settings> Bandwidth Usage. Actually, that doesn't stop you from finishing your data plan, but it will give you one of how much internet your Xbox One consumes. In Brazil, such plans are not very common over cable internet, thankfully.

Of course we have many more tricks than this, but we will address them on other occasions. Little by little we're unraveling everything from Xbox One. I don't know how to follow Windows Club on social networks.

Six Tricks Every Xbox One Gamer Must Know

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