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Solved one of Joker's biggest mysteries

by ace
Solved one of Joker's biggest mysteries

Joker's cinematographer Lawrence Sher opened the game and solved one of the biggest mysteries about the new movie.

The mystery is related to the ending of the movie, in which we see Arthur Fleck in an asylum, something that left fans unsure if what happened earlier actually happened, or if it was a fragment of Fleck's imagination.

The scene where Joker leaves the apartment of his love interest, Sophie, to be greeted by police sirens was a point of huge debate, with fans wondering if he had killed her or if it was just another thing that was just generated inside. from your mind.

During an interview with the / FilmSher put an end to the debate.

"We wanted to make the interpretation of 'real' versus 'unreal' part of the viewer's experience," she said.

"For example, your relationship with Sophie is a fantasy for him. Some people asked me, 'Did he kill her?' [Director Todd Phillips] makes it very clear that she didn't die.

Arthur kills people who hurt him in some way, and Sophie never fooled him. In terms of what we've done visually to play with what's real and what's not real, there are nods and scenes that mirror each other, "continued Sher.

We recently heard from the iconic Bronx stairway where Joker dances in the movie, which has become a tourist attraction in New York.

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