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SP City Council prevents bus by application from circulating in the capital

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SP City Council prevents bus by application from circulating in the capital

The City of São Paulo decided to suspend the on-demand bus services via application in the capital, on Tuesday (1). In a statement, the city reported that the service, which began on September 25, was not allowed to circulate in the city and is therefore "clandestine".

The company Metra, responsible for line 376, said it has all the permits to circulate between São Bernardo, in ABC Paulista to the South Zone of São Paulo. According to them, all vehicles are new and in perfect condition to operate. Metra states that fleet buses were seized and withdrawn from circulation.

The city says that "accreditation aims to ensure the safety of residents and prevent the occurrence of accidents."

Metra and the UBus application are authorized by the Metropolitan Urban Transport Company (EMTU) to circulate. However, the Municipal Secretariat for Mobility and Transport (SMT) says that EMTU authorization does not mean that buses can run through the city of São Paulo.

UBus reports that it is “just a technology company, created to bridge the gap between passengers and legalized transport operators” and that it is up to the concessionaire to provide the entire transportation service.

According to the application, for a company “to become a partner of UBus, the operator must have the public concession in the area of ​​public transport and all the necessary documentation to perform the activity, as is the case of Metra, on line 376.”

Buses on demand via application began to circulate on the 25th in Greater São Paulo, on Corridor 376-SBC. They left the São Bernardo Metropolitan Terminal towards Luis Carlos Berrini Avenue, in the south zone of the capital. Passengers could choose where they want to board and disembark.

The price is unique, R $ 14.50, or three times the fare of the buses of the Metropolitan Urban Transport Company (EMTU) that make the same route, at the cost of R $ 4.80.

Passengers could reserve the seats and pay the fare on their cell phones. Buses have wifi and air conditioning.

To attract users, Metra, which operates the line, also cites saving money. The calculation of the company is that using this bus per application will spend, in a year, $ 7 thousand less than you would spend the same driving distance.

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