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Spider-Man: Disney CEO Talks About Tom Holland's Intervention in …

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Spider-Man: Disney CEO Talks About Tom Holland's Intervention in ...

Disney CEO Robert Iger has confirmed that Tom Holland has played a key role in the recent Spider-Man talks after his last-minute call for Sony and Marvel to re-tie and renew the deal.

THE THR reports that Iger appeared as a guest on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he confirmed a rumor about how the Away from Home star helped facilitate Peter Parker's return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after directly contacting the Disney boss.

"We had an event called D23 and Tom [Holland] was there because he does voice work on a new Pixar movie called Onward," explained the executive.

"He said something and it was clear fans wanted Tom back as Spider-Man."

After the D23 Expo, Holland asked for Iger's phone number and e-mail address to contact him directly about the standoff between the two studios, Iger said.

"It was clear that it was very important to him. He is an excellent Spider-Man. I pitied him and it was clear that the fans wanted this all to happen."

The conversation eventually helped change Iger's perspective as it led him to "make some calls," including one to Sony's boss, to presumably reconcile their differences.

"He called me and I called them," said Iger, adding:

"Sometimes when companies are negotiating, they forget that there are other people who really matter."

Disney / Marvel and Sony eventually signed a new deal on renegotiated terms, and it was decided that Kevin Feige would produce a third UCM web-head film with Tom Holland, which will premiere on July 16, 2021.

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