Home lifestyle Start off the year with your best skin yet! These two skincare goodies help…


Start off the year with your best skin yet! These two skincare goodies help…

by ace
Start off the year with your best skin yet! These two skincare goodies help...

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Yahoo Lifestyle is committed to finding the best products at the best prices. We may receive a share of purchases made through links on this page. Prices and availability are subject to change.Among cold and freezing winds, our skin certainly suffers a knock in the winter. If your skin is dull and dry, welcome to the club. Fortunately, the personality and beauty in the air that YouTuber Kennedy Johnson has been bringing to you in the form of skin repairs. Kennedy feels her pain when it comes to dryness, and she worries about choosing products that add moisture to the skin at every stage of her routine. "I'm trying not to be gray," says Kennedy. “So in an effort to keep my skin hydrated, shiny and soft all year long, I like to use products that I know will punch that moisture.” For her, two heroic products changed the skin care game In the winter.This best selling cleanser removes all traces of dirt and makeup without removing the skin from the essential moisture. (Credit: Sephora) MoreAlthough you think your moisturizer is not exerting weight to keep your skin hydrated and fresh, your cleanser or makeup remover may be the real culprit. "I really stopped using face wipes because I felt it was too rough on my face," says Kennedy. Now, she has replaced her makeup wipes with a favorite cult product. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. It is a milder cleanser that moisturizes the skin instead of removing natural moisture. "It teaches very well, it's very soft. Immediately after washing it off my face, my skin becomes soft, supple and supple." In addition, you get bonus points for working on all skin types and using an unscented formula. Perfect for sensitive skin.Buy: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, $ 38, sephora.comA 24-hour moisturizing lip treatment that delivers a burst of refreshing mint freshness. (Credit: Sephora) MoreIf your normal lip balm doesn't seem to be cutting it lately, it's probably just giving temporary relief to your dry lips. Instead, opt for something that treats dry lips even after absorption. Fresh Sugar Mint Rush Lip Treatment Uses a time-release formula that will keep your purse hydrated for 24 hours. Combines a nourishing blend of oil with sugar, a natural moisturizer that prevents moisture loss, for a product that truly keeps lips moisturized. Kennedy loves this product for its mint flavor. "It gives you the feeling of menthol without burning your lips," she says.Buy: Fresh Sugar and Mint Lip Care, $ 24, sephora.comRead more on Yahoo Lifestyle: Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitterand Pinterest for uninterrupted inspiration delivered to your feed every day. Sign here to the Yahoo newsletter.

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