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Tesla will launch its first pickup van later this year

by ace

Tesla will launch its first ‘pickup van’ later this year, confirmed Elon Musk.

Although it is one of today’s most popular car manufacturers, Tesla still fails to deliver on its promises to introduce new models. Having failed to present his first pickup truck during the summer, Elon Musk confirmed that his presentation would take place only in November.

Even the response from Tesla’s CEO on Twitter was not given with 100% certainty, stating that it will “probably happen” during the month of November.

But we already know how Musk’s promises work, not exactly credible when it comes to releasing dates.

Little or nothing we know about Tesla’s first pickup truck

There is no doubt that this will be one of Elon Musk’s next company bets. However, so far, little or nothing has been officially revealed. In March, they published the first official image of the alleged van, but it explains nothing.

In the image published by Musk, we can only confirm that the ‘pickup van’ will feature an incredibly futuristic design, following the lines drawn by Tesla cars launched to date.

Other information points to a capacity equivalent to a Ford F-150 and performance of a base model of the Porsche 911.

Tesla cannot sleep in the “shade of the banana tree.”

Regardless of when they plan to introduce their first ‘pickup van,’ Tesla really needs to speed up.

Otherwise, they will see the competition coming to the front, and by the time they finally launch their van, they will already have a lot of heavy competition.

I recall that Rivian is working on an electric pickup, and Ford already has an electronic prototype of the popular F-150. Although there are no market arrival dates for both models, they will undoubtedly try to do so as soon as possible.

Whereas Tesla is “hands-on” when it comes to developing and launching new models, as well as enhancing and creating new software features. It will definitely be a big challenge to keep up with this breakneck pace and get ahead of the competition once again.


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