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That's why a Gears 5 player was banned for 640 days.

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That's why a Gears 5 player was banned for 640 days.

The Coalition has begun to implement a series of punishments for those players who break the game dynamics of the multiplayer side of Gears 5 and thus maintain a healthy and balanced community. Therefore, one user found the bitter surprise that he was banned from all online activity for no less than 640 days because of his continued abandonment of games.

Because online penalties aren't just for cheating, Gears 5 started implementing its penalties for abandonment just a few days ago. The penalties will be proportional to the number of times the player has left the game within a certain period of time. This particular player, as he shared through the Reddit, was banned from social gaming for 640 days after allegedly dropping 18 of the last 21 games played.

These days it is very common to find that most multiplayer games implement these types of penalties for abandonment, but perhaps in this case the punishment was disproportionate or just a system error. If fulfilled, this user would take almost two years without being able to play Gears 5 online, something the community didn't take long to criticize.

Gears 5, which has already received its first update, has been available on Xbox One and PC since September 10, both in physical and digital stores and as part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

What do you think? Fair?

That's why a Gears 5 player was banned for 640 days.

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