The Best Membership Site Software To Serve Up Your Digital Downloads
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The Best Membership Site Software To Serve Up Your Digital Downloads

I honestly believe that the best software combination to take orders using a membership site and to use that membership site to serve up digital videos, audios and reports, is to use a combination of WordPress, WishList Member and WP Drip. Use WordPress to set up the content, WishList Member to take payments and WP Drip to drip that content.

Although there are a million different choices you can make when it comes to the membership site software to use, your membership site should be based around WordPress. The reason for this is that it has been around for years and is the best content management system. They make it easy for you to add articles and blog posts, to embed videos, there are forums for WordPress, it’s easy for others to leave comments, interact and even to have many people on staff, and have multiple users login and post content of their own.

WordPress is also very simple, it’s constantly updated and it’s easy for anyone to use. You use WordPress to post your content but, you need to protect your content and you need the ability to allow people to pay you money to get access to that private members area. That’s why I think you should use the WishList Member plug in on top of WordPress. This plug in isn’t free but if you just make a few sales in your membership site, it has already paid for itself.

With WishList Member you create a membership level, you choose which posts and pages within your membership site to protect from the outside world, and which of those posts and pages that new membership level has access to. Finally, you also set up a payment button so that someone can pay you money and then get access to a specific membership level, and in turn get access to your membership site.

If you have lots of monthly content or you simply want to drip out bonuses, even if someone only pays you once or a handful of times, you should use the WP Drip plug in which will drip out your content and your posts based on how far apart you’ve posted them. That means that if you add content to your site spaced a day, or a week, or a month apart, someone will join and they will see just the first day. The longer they are in your membership site the more content they see.

When you set up your membership site use WordPress to deliver the content, WishList Member to protect that content and WP Drip to gradually drip out that content.