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The headlines ‘Xbox Series X have no exclusives’ are not what they seem to be

by ace
The headlines ‘Xbox Series X have no exclusives’ are not what they seem to be

Microsoft is targeting headlines that frame recent comments by Xbox Game Studios chief Matt Booty as a kind of pronouncement of death to generation cycles. Here's what he said to the MCVUK:

“When our content comes out next year or two, all of our games, like PC, will play on this family of devices (Xbox One),” explains Booty. "We want to make sure that if anyone invests in the Xbox between now and the X Series, they feel they've made a good investment and that we are committed to the content."

The idea, at least in the early years of the Xbox Series X, is that Microsoft will release its new games to the Xbox One audience, the company does not want to abandon the current generation of content so that its audience is not forced to buy one. Because of this, many websites have reported that the "Xbox Series X would not have exclusive games," which may cause confusion and give the impression that Microsoft will not release games with the console.

We know that Halo Infite and Hellblade 2 are coming, but besides these many others are already confirmed – more than 12 games from Xbox Game Studios – and we hope that throughout the year, especially at E3 2020 much more will be revealed. If you read that the Xbox Series X is not exclusive, although it seems negative, it is completely positive for consumers who have invested in Xbox One.

Note that new consoles are not cheap, especially in Brazil with the dollar on the heights. Our reality and in much of the world is that price matters. Many people are joining Xbox One now and Microsoft is giving them respect.

Another important fact is the Xbox Game Pass, as if the new games will only come to the Xbox Series X, the service could lose subscribers as it could lack content and people without money to buy a next-generation console would have to stop playing. news.

Microsoft wants to reach the largest number of gamers, whether it's on consoles or PCs or even smartphones with the promising Project xCloud. Whether you buy a game or subscribe to Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One or Xbox Series X, it doesn't matter to you as long as you use its services. This is a new strategy, never seen on consoles, and is being criticized for being new. Many feel that Microsoft should not release new games to the Xbox One audience, as it could lose sales of the Xbox Series X. It's the smart strategy used on smartphones (you don't have to buy an iPhone 11 to run Instagram) or on PCs. .

Sony must go exactly the opposite way and use the strategy that forces its audience to migrate from console if they want new games. Two companies with completely different positions.

The headlines ‘Xbox Series X have no exclusives’ are not what they seem to be

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