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The October Great Update for Xbox One Released; Check out the news!

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The October Great Update for Xbox One Released; Check out the news!

Every month Microsoft releases a new update for Xbox One and October was no different. If you're not an Xbox Insider, you can download it right now – it's for everyone! Because it's a very small download, it only takes 15 minutes to install on the system. Just go to "Settings" and click "System," followed by "Updates and Downloads."

There are many improvements with this update, but the most significant changes should be new family settings and wish list notifications. You can read everything below.

Limits for family settings

Microsoft is giving parents more control over what their children see and interact on devices. Parents can now define how much time their children spend on specific apps or games, in addition to the total time spent on a console.

Wish List Notifications

The update now provides notifications to alert you when an item on your wishlist has a price discount. Whenever you are interested in a game just add it to the wish list, there you will get alerts when its price drops.

Mixer Preview Improvements

Microsoft has created a complete Mixer viewing experience right from the dashboard, focusing on speed and simplicity. Viewers will no longer have to navigate to a separate app to enjoy broadcasts.

Xbox Game Pass

This update now lets you recommend an Xbox Game Pass title directly from your console.

“Recent Players” Improvements

It looks like this update makes Recent Players more reliable by making it easier to connect with your friends.

Background Enhancements

The team added improvements to automatic game updates, significantly reducing when you find the update screen you need when starting a title.


An Events app will arrive on Xbox One later this month, which will inform you about game events for your favorite games.

Game Capture

Have you ever wanted to stop playing video clips without your permission? Well, you can do it now. Game captures are receiving more settings with this recent update.

Capture and share tab

As an experiment, Microsoft will present a “Capture & Share” guide for a limited time to evaluate feedback. Let's try!

If you want to know more about everything that is part of this major update, check out the post from Xbox wire. It goes into great detail about each feature.

What do you think of the update? What would you like to see on Xbox One in the future? Inform us. It is definitely a better experience in my opinion.

The October Great Update for Xbox One Released; Check out the news!

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