The Right Christian Matchmaker Helps Form Relationships
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The Right Christian Matchmaker Helps Form Relationships

When a Christian wants to find a life partner, a spouse to share his or her Christian journey, it is important that they find someone who shares their beliefs.

This can be a difficult task, and many turn to a Christian Matchmaker for help in this area.

A Christian Matchmaker deals only with singles who have professed a Christian life and are specifically looking for another Christian who wants a long term relationship.

They collect names, photos and profiles of many different singles. After gathering the profiles, they match those with similar beliefs.

Such a matchmaker will be sensitive to your needs.

If it is very important to you to marry someone from the same denomination, they will screen for your religious preference.

If you want to participate in mission trips, they will find someone who shares that interest.

Lifelong compatibility is the goal for a Christian Matchmaker, so their perspective is on the overall match.

They will look at such things as family traditions and background. They will ask about personal spiritual habits as well.

How often a Christian engages in outward religious behaviors is important in assessing compatibility.

Church attendance, service, donation habits, involvement in volunteering are all considerations.

You will also want to consider dress, Sabbath observance, and desire for children.

How many children each person wants is another consideration. A good matchmaker will ask for these Christian-specific criteria when he or she profiles a client.

To choose the right service, it’s good to get the recommendation of others who have used a particular person. It is difficult to tell from a matchmaker’s advertisements or literature if that provider does have happy customers.

It’s best to get this information from others. Finding out the actual cost of the service and how long it took to find a match are other considerations. Ask at church and at Christian single’s groups for satisfied customers of a matchmaker.

If you don’t have Christian friends or acquaintances who have used such a service, reading reviews is the next best choice.

A Christian newspaper or website will have reviews of different services.

One review may not give you a good overview or a fair description.

You should read as many reviews as possible. This will give you a solid, overall picture of the benefits and drawbacks of the service. By reading many reviews, you’ll begin to see patterns of strengths and weaknesses.

Finding a matchmaker who shares your values is vital to the process.

Simply being Christian doesn’t ensure that values are the same. Anyone who is Christian and attempting to date will know that to be true!

So if you have decided that you need help in your effort to find a partner for a long-term relationship, a matchmaker may be the way to go.

In the attempt to find a person who can become a lifelong friend and spouse, a Christian Matchmaker can help you in asking the important questions and finding the right kind of person to share your life.