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These are the games that are already confirmed for the Xbox Game Pass in October.

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These are the games that are already confirmed for the Xbox Game Pass in October.

The Xbox Game Pass fever continues and everyone wants to know what will come next. So far the catalog in the months has been quite pleasing and October seems to continue with the strong pace. Microsoft has not yet released the official list, but some games are already confirmed for Game Pass next month, and that's exactly what we are going to talk about.

The first, and now the housewife, is Obsidian's The Outer Worlds. This title is from Fallout News Vegas servants and expect something in this style. Space travel, interplanetary missions, tough decisions and a plot with twists. The title was the most award-winning game at E3 2019 and won as the best original game of the same fair. The previous reviews are highly supportive and we expect a lot of action here.

The Outer Worlds has been confirmed since June that it will hit the Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PCs on October 25th. RPG or Fallout “root” fans can't miss it for nothing.

Get out of hell! No, it's not Cuphead we're talking about. Oxenfree's newest servant title is getting closer to release. Night School Studio recently announced the release date of its latest project and, fortunately, we won't have to wait long to appreciate it.

Prepare to experience a unique version of Hell with dive bars, multi-story dance clubs, and more when Afterparty comes to @XboxGamePass on October 29. https://t.co/qmcq7PSnBl

– Xbox Wire (@XboxWire) September 20, 2019

Afterparty was announced in late 2017 and has been confirmed to arrive on October 29th on Xbox One and PC. Four days after the release of The Outer Worlds. In addition to revealing the release date, the studio's creative director, Sean Krankel, gave some more information about his new game on the official blog. Xbox wire.

Night School Studio wanted to explore “not only the positive side of long-term friendship, but also the difficulties of knowing so much about each other”. Krankel also highlighted the benefits of repeating the game after the end, saying “we can get different results” by making other decisions.

The curious game introduces us to Milo and Lola, two best friends who have died and will face eternity in hell unless they find a way to escape their fate by facing Satan himself on his journey.

Oxenfree has demonstrated Night School Studio's talent, so Afterparty is a great choice to play on those chilling dates (it will be around Halloween), and will be available from the launch day in the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

As stated above, there are still a lot of titles to be announced for the Xbox Game Pass for October, but we already have these two excellent proposals that undoubtedly confirm that we will have some good stuff. Afterparty joins the list of non-Microsoft titles that are released directly to the service, other examples include Blair Witch, Blazing Chrome and more.

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These are the games that are already confirmed for the Xbox Game Pass in October.

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