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'This is not the time to be pessimistic about dialogue with the North,' says president …

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'This is not the time to be pessimistic about dialogue with the North,' says president ...

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South Korean President Moon Jae-in expressed hope about the possibility of dialogue with North Korea and the resumption of talks between Pyongyang and Washington.

"For now, it is not time to be pessimistic about the dialogue between South and North and between North Korea and the United States, although we are not about to be optimistic," Moon said during his New Year's conference at the Blue House. Executive, according to published by The Korea Times.

According to the South Korean leader, an improvement in Seoul's dialogue with Pyongyang would help unlock negotiations between Americans and North Koreans.

"The dialogue between North Korea and the United States is still open," said the president.

Moon recalled the fact that US President Donald Trump asked South Korea to deliver a birthday message to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un last week. According to the president of South Korea, this was a positive sign.


'North Korea made clear that door is not closed'

"North Korea has made it clear that the door to dialogue is not closed by saying it would return to negotiations only when its demands were accepted," the head of state said.

Earlier this year, Moon asked Pyongyang to do everything possible to reach an agreement for Kim to visit Seoul. In 2018, when Moon went to Pyongyang, an arrangement was made for the North Korean leader to visit the South Korean capital.

Moon and Kim held three summits in 2018, in April, May and September, which have unprecedentedly helped to ease the tension between the two Koreas, divided since 1953.

The North Korean leader also had a historic meeting with Trump, but negotiations for a denuclearization have cooled over time.

Late last year, Kim declared that Pyongyang was abandoning the nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile testing moratoriums, and said the world would witness "a new strategic weapon to be possessed by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the near future."



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