Turn A Simple Article Into A Report, Turn That Into A Blog Post
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Turn A Simple Article Into A Report, Turn That Into A Blog Post

When you are writing for the internet, it is difficult to decide if the idea you have should be an article, report, blog post, or auto-responder message.

When you are writing your latest tip, guide, or step by step manual which should you go for,

The answer is, you should go for all of the above.

I find that the easiest way to make writing seem fun and easy is to write anything first as an article. Think about it, if you wrote a lot of articles and you weren’t sure which one’s to use in your book, or to give away for free. Look at your latest 10 or 20 articles, and figure out which half are of okay or average quality. You should use this half for article marketing.

Now the half that is left over is your really good stuff, the stuff that is too good to simply give away. Now this could go into your book, but it helps to write anything to begin with. When you are thinking of it as an article, you keep it short and you do it in a short amount of time.

If you have a lot of those articles, and they are all very good and you can arrange them into a logical step by step format, now you have a report. It’s very simple, just open up a word processor, or Microsoft Word paste your articles in, format the title so they look as if they are a chapter or section title and save them to a PDF.

Now you have taken your best articles and put them together as reports.

What you should do in your articles and your reports is have some kind of a message or “call to action” at the end. The call to action at the end of your article is to go to your website. The call to action in the end of your report is to go to your website as well.

When you take some of these articles or report chapters and give them away for free on your blog, they are already at your website. When you repurpose your writing for the web as a blog post, it should remind people that they should comment below the blog post. If your comments are turned off, link to whatever valid offer you are discussing.

For example, if you wrote several articles on weight loss put the best ones in the report, the okay in article sites, and save the even better ones for blog posts. You should then ask them what action they have taken, or what best weight loss tip they have recieved to try and get some kind of discussion going. If you don’t have comments on, then link to your weight loss report, link to your weight loss newsletter, or link to an affiliate offer at the end of that blog post.