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US and Australia will invest billions in bases, facing China's presence in the …

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US and Australia will invest billions in bases, facing China's presence in the ...


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The Australian government has announced a billion-dollar investment with the US to modernize Robertson and Darwin's bases in northern Australia amid increased Chinese presence in the region.

The billion dollar investment in the Robertson and Darwin bases will be aimed at upgrading dormitories, service facilities, fuel stocks, troop training areas and aircraft maintenance.

According to Australian Senator Sam McMahon, the investment will be in the billions and should heat up the economy of the Northern Territory, where the bases are located.

"About $ 8 billion (about $ 33 billion) will be invested over the next decade in new and modernized facilities in the Northern Territory," informed the senator speaks the website of the Australian Ministry of Defense.

According to portal Military.com, bases are of great importance to US geostrategic in the Pacific region, especially to counter the growing Chinese presence in the Pacific region.

This year at least 2,500 US Marines were sent to the region on a military rotation. The number is ten times higher than the 200 US military personnel present in the area in 2012, as reported by the US media.

'Milestone in relations'

Commenting on the deployment of US troops to bases, Australian Defense Minister Linda Reynolds said this would be a milestone in relations between Canberra and Washington.

"This milestone demonstrates the enduring nature of the US-Australia alliance and our deep engagement with the Indo-Pacific region," she said.

However, relations between the two countries were not always in full agreement.

The Australian government recently said it would not accept US ballistic missiles on its territory when US Defense Secretary Mark Esper expressed an interest in installing such weapons in allied Pacific countries.

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