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US expands military base in Pacific amid standoff with China, according to …

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In late June, a Chinese government think tank warned of a possible military conflict due to the “unprecedented” deployment of US military forces in the Asia-Pacific region.

Now the portal The Drive reported on the “substantial progress” made at the secret US military base on Wake Island, described by the edition as “America’s remote outpost in the depths of the Pacific”.

“The big expansion started earlier this year at the aerodrome [da ilha Wake] and is still in progress, “writes the portal, referring to new satellite images obtained by the US private company Planet Labs.

Progress includes a major expansion of the aerodrome parking platform, construction of the support area to the north and complete reconstruction of the runway.

Major expansion at the Wake Island airfield seen in satellite imagery as the United States prepares for combat in the Pacific.

The expansion of the US military base on Wake Island comes amid tensions between Washington and Beijing in the Asia-Pacific region, while the two countries continue to send warships for exercises in the area.

On Saturday (4), the United States sent two aircraft carriers, the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Nimitz, to the South China Sea, where Chinese naval forces are also carrying out military maneuvers.

After the ships were deployed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China rejected the Pentagon’s criticism of Beijing’s maneuvers in the South China Sea. According to the ministry, the exercises are being carried out according to the country’s sovereignty.

© REUTERS / Kim Hong-Ji

F / A-18 Hornet landing on the platform of the USS Ronald Reagan

In late June, Wu Shicun, president of the National Institute of South China Sea Studies, a Chinese government think tank, said the US military deployment in the Asia-Pacific region was “unprecedented”.

In interview to AFP Shicun considered that “the possibility of [ocorrer] a military incident or an accidental shot [na região] is increasing “.

In addition, according to his estimates, the United States has sent about 375,000 soldiers and about 60% of its warships to the region, including three of its aircraft carriers.

Previously, the U.S. Department of Defense has expressed concern about Beijing’s decision to conduct military maneuvers in the South China Sea over the course of this week.


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