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US expert says Russia's first target in Europe in case of …

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US expert says Russia's first target in Europe in case of ...


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In the event of a total war, Russian submarine Yasen is expected to attack Bremerhaven harbor in Germany, according to US expert Andrew Metrick.

According to a former employee of the US Center for International Strategy and Research in Washington, Andrew Metrick, the German port of Bremerhaven would be instrumental in landing US troops in Europe.

Access to the port is via two locks and two rail bridges.

Bremerhaven is the most important node for moving heavy equipment across the European continent.

However, by destroying its bridges, the port would become useless to US forces.

"The port of Bremerhaven can be easily disabled as access is by two gates. At the same time, the railway to the port passes through two bridges. If they are destroyed the port would become inoperative," said Metrick in an article published by the US Naval Institute.

He adds that the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp would be more resistant to Russian attacks because of their larger size, but have similar weaknesses to Bremerhaven.

The expert also stressed the greater power of Russian missiles, which would be important in a war scenario in Europe.

"The Russian Navy is in the midst of a shift in projection of its power and long-range attack capabilities, as demonstrated by Syria's attack support operations," said Metrick.



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