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Vale knew about Brumadinho dam limit 2 weeks before disaster

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Vale knew about Brumadinho dam limit 2 weeks before disaster


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Vale executives received an anonymous email with information about the Brumadinho dams. Company has confirmed receipt of the email but said it was "generic".

The mining company Vale received an anonymous email entitled "The Truth" that said that two weeks before the Brumadinho disaster, the company's dams were on the edge of one of its structures. The information was published in a report in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

According to the report, the company's president at the time, Fábio Schvartsman, would have sought to identify the author of the document, treating it as "a cancer".

Officials, who were not specified by the WSJ report, were investigating whether Schvartsman's response could indicate whether “a culture of retaliation at the company contributed to the January 25 collapse in Brumadinho, which killed 270 people, the deadliest mining disaster. in the world in over 50 years. ”

Vale, in turn, quoted by the G1, confirmed the existence of the email, but claimed that the document was generic and without evidence.

According to the defense of the former president of Vale, he "always referred complaints received with concrete notes about failures or deviations, and that the email 'The Truth' did not address specific facts or pointed concrete problems in dams." .

Vale's Brumadinho tragedy occurred on January 25, 2019, resulting in one of the largest mining tailings disasters in the country. The tailings dam was controlled by Vale S.A. The municipality of Brumadinho is located 65 km from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.



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