Water Filtration Osmosis Is The Essence Of Your Life

Water Filtration Osmosis Is The Essence Of Your Life

Clean water is the essence of life. Surprisingly, our bodies are made up of 70 percent water, infiltrating all of our organs and tissues. But what constitutes clean water, For one thing, knowing about water filtration osmosis is a start.

So exactly what does this process involve, Since water has many different contaminants in it these have to be removed in order to make it as clean for drinking as possible.

These systems force water through a semi-permeable filter membrane which traps the contaminants and only allows the water to pass through- cleaner and much purer.

The molecules of the contaminants are much larger than the water molecules and are, therefore, trapped and diverted to a drain where they are taken away from the filter so it won’t become clogged.

There are a host of contaminants that these systems work to prevent making their way into your home.

They include, but are not limited to: pesticides, radium, asbestos, lead, dissolved organics, volatile organic chemicals (VOC) and total dissolved solids (TDS). If you live in direct vicinity to a nuclear power plant they are even effective in protecting against radioactive plutonium in the water.

When searching for one of these systems it is important to pay close attention to the size of the filter.

If the membrane is not adequate then the filter will not be utilizing the full potential of the system and your drinking water will suffer in quality.

There are several things to look for. First, it is advisable that the system has both a pre-filtering and a post-filtering part in order to function properly.

Also, since chlorinated water can actually damage membranes in a filtering system it is important to have a carbon block pre-filter in place.

This will safely remove the chlorine and extend the life of the membranes.

Some systems will have a cta (cellulose tri-acetate) membrane.

They are designed only for a sediment pre-filter, which will trap sand, dirt or silt. You should never use a carbon per-filter with these systems since chlorine is needed for them in order to provide protection against mold and bacteria from forming.

A water filtration osmosis system not only provides clean water for drinking but also for cooking.

And if you have an icemaker you can use it for fresh, clean tasting ice, as well. It can even be connected to use for washing dishes, doing laundry or even washing the cars.