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Wickedly fun: Ulta just launched a makeup line inspired by Disney villains you…

by ace
Wickedly fun: Ulta just launched a makeup line inspired by Disney villains you...

Yahoo Lifestyle publishers are committed to finding the best products at the best prices. We may sometimes receive a share of purchases made through links on this page. Sometimes being bad goes hand in hand with looking good. If you are more Malevolent, Ursula, Evil Queen or Cruella of Vil, Ulta It has everything you need to look frighteningly beautiful. From highlighter palettes to glossy gloss, brand new products celebrate iconic villains. Disney, in partnership with Funko collectible dolls company, valued all products in the line for under $ 25. Each item is inspired by our favorite villains and their iconic color palettes. Like her Sleeping Beauty dress and shadow, Maleficent's eyeshadow collection features strong and powerful purples. Ursula's brush set features handles as blue as the sea. The Evil Queen, of course, has a bright red glow that is inspired by her Snow White vampire lip. Best to bite apples! Buy in the line below:Disney's Villain Ursula marker palette. (Photo: Ulta) If there is any villain we want to inspire our outline, it must be Ursula. No other villain had cheekbones as vibrant and crackling as she.Buy: Funko X Disney Villains Ursula Marker Palette, $ 24, ulta.comFunko X Disney Villains Evil Queen Eyeshadow Palette. (Photo: Ulta) Of all the apples in the group, we would trust the Bad Queen if she gave us this palette. Winter shades are perfect for cold weather months, and roses and tan can be worn on any day and any occasion.Buy: Funko X Disney Villains Evil Queen Eyeshadow Palette, $ 24, ulta.comEyeliner Cruella Disney Villains from Disney. (Photo: Ulta) An eyeliner as bold as Cruella? Sign up!Buy: Funko X Disney Villains Cruella Eyeliner, $ 10, ulta.comFunko X Disney Villains Maleficent – High gloss lip gloss. (Photo: Ulta) A super bright gloss that can make you feel like the most beautiful person on earth.Buy: Funko X Disney Villains Maleficent High Gloss Lip Gloss, $ 12, ulta.comFunko x Ursula Cosmetic Bag & Brush Set. (Photo: Ulta) Apparently, they use high quality ocean-colored make-up brushes under the sea.Buy: Funko X Ursula Cosmetic Bag & Brush Set, $ 25, ulta.comRead more on Yahoo Lifestyle: Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitterand Pinterest for uninterrupted inspiration delivered daily to your feed every day. Sign here to the Yahoo newsletter.


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