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Will Meghan Markle finally be allowed to wear the Queen’s jewellery like Kate…

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Will Meghan Markle finally be allowed to wear the Queen’s jewellery like Kate...

Earlier this year rumors began to emerge that the queen had banned her granddaughter, Meghan Markle, from wearing her jewelry.

According to reports, the Duchess of Sussex – who married Prince Harry last year in May – is not allowed to wear items from the royal collection, including an iconic tiara that was once worn by Harry's late mother, Princess Diana.

The queen is said to have assured William, the heir to the British throne, that Meghan will not wear any garments worn by her mother.

Appearing in Lorraine, The Sun journalist Dan Wootton discussed the story, explaining: "The queen is responsible for the royal collection, a huge collection of all the artifacts the country and the Royal Family own."

He added: "Included are some iconic jewelry prices, many of which were directed at Princess Diana."

However, unlike Meghan, Kate Middleton – who has been married to Harry's older brother, Prince William, for eight years – is allowed to wear these pieces.

Dan added: "We saw Kate use certain items from the royal collection.

"The queen must give permission to any member of the royal family to wear any of these jewelry items."

Kate wore royal tiara at state dinners in the UK and abroad. But while Meghan was at several state events on her two previous royal trips, she was noticeably missing a tiara.

So can Meghan wear the queen's jewels?

Although the Royal Family has not yet confirmed these reports, royal royals insist that Meghan can indeed use pieces from the collection.

In honor of Princess Diana – whom she never knew – the Duchess of Sussex wore a pair of butterfly earrings and a gold bracelet that belonged to Prince Harry's mother.

She also wore a gold and blue bracelet on her wrist – another item from Diana's personal collection.

Princess Diana was seen wearing the bracelet while greeting Nellie Corbett during her visit to the Lord Gage Center in Newham in 1990.

Butterfly earrings were worn by Princess Diana during a Canadian tour with Prince Charles in 1986.

Meghan had worn them before, sporting them during their own royal tour with Prince Harry, when the duo visited Fiji.


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