Wooden Shutters And Venetian Blinds

Wooden Shutters And Venetian Blinds

If you live in an area that is prone to storms or hurricanes, there are several types of security storm shutters available that will help you protect yourself and your home. Storm shutters aren’t in the wooden shutters category, although they are durable shutters that move horizontally between the lower and the upper track.

Interlocking blades found on the storm shutters are made from aluminum and make up a wall of protection in the shutter. If you have a large area to cover, it can half a center opening with half of the shutter moving to the right and the other half to the left.

Even though this shutter doesn’t fall into one of the most decorative styles of shutters, it does provide great protection against theft, flying debris, forced entry, and even the dreaded hurricane. Storm shutters will also give you more privacy and help to reduce noise.

A great example of a protective covering that will do a great job in protecting from the sun’s glare and heat is the aluminum awning.

They are affordable in price and very functional, they fit doors, patios, porches, and windows as well. There are two types available – the standard awning and the winged awning, and both will easily close down to convert to storm shutters.

For those who live in bad storm areas, storm shutters are among the best ways to help protect your family and your house. They don’t cost a lot of money, they are easy to install, and they won’t make your home stand out in a crowd. If you want the best in protection from Mother Nature and the peace of mind in knowing it – storm shutters are just what you need.

Anyone who is familiar with Venetian blinds knows just how difficult they are to clean, with laterally slatted strips of plastic with dangling cords that gets on everyone’s nerves since they always seemed to get in a tangle. A majority of us can’t find anything uglier or messier than blinds that hang crooked. Manufacturers are however, starting to make them more functional, more attractive, and easier to clean.

The first thing you’ll need to make sure of, is that the blinds are hung properly, as this will ensure that your window covering is successful. If your blinds are hung crooked, then the strings won’t properly act as pulleys. No matter how pretty they may be, they won’t be any good if they don’t work properly.

The only time you should use the old fashioned plastic Venetian blinds is if you are going for more of a retro look. If you are going for the retro look, it may be better to consider using the anodized aluminum or painted silver blinds. These types of blinds tend to collect less dirt and dust and will help complete the look better with your retro room.

Most manufacturers are now creating Venetian blinds in different colors and textures. They do this by painting, coating, or even anodizing the slats. They have neon colors, metallic bronze, silver, and even gold to choose from now.

The boring blinds of the 90s can be found as institutional window treatments. In the past, when decorating an office, people would have chosen white or black blinds to go with the wood decor. Now, you can choose from shades of olive, burgundy, or even brown.

If your office has more of a sleeker look, you can even choose a Venetian blind in cherry red or celadon color.

If you feel that your room is outdated or you just need to re-decorate and your on a budget, then a new window treatment may be the answer. Even though Venetian blinds can be considered outdated, they can easily be jazzed up with drapes or sheers. If you are re-decorating a room that it may be hard to find blinds for, such as a boxed shape window or a small window, you may be able to choose the older style mini blinds in various vibrant colors.

If you are just trying to make a truly unique fashion statement, then you should consider hand painting your Venetian blinds. You can choose to show off your individuality and your craftier side by painting the blind to show an image once it is closed.


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