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Xbox Brasil announces Black Friday with retail products

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Xbox Brasil announces Black Friday with retail products

Normally, Microsoft in Brazil advertises offers for its games and services available through the Xbox Store, that is, from the Xbox One-hosted store itself. However, today we have a Black Friday promotion specifically targeted at retail – and it really is. interesting.

At the Submarino store, an exclusive discount coupon exclusive to Xbox Live Gold is in progress, called "Xbox30". It offers 30% off this subscription gift card for 12 months. This offer is valid until December 2nd.

If you have not yet converted your account to Ultimate, you can buy up to three of these cards and convert for $ 1, saving you over $ 1,400. The first conversion is being straightforward (no fees), so it's always good to take advantage of this as soon as possible.

Let's not write much for you just to focus on it:

💚💚💚 #XboxLiveGold on sale with @submarine! #XboxBlackFriday 💚💚💚

👉 https://t.co/beIW4vxlBQ pic.twitter.com/MxSIrvGiEm

– Xbox Brasil (@XboxBR) November 29, 2019

Apparently, a second Xbox Live Gold to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan conversion should follow a table, and for example, one month of Gold is equivalent to 20 Ultimate days, so you can do the math and see if it pays to perform the conversion. .

It would be interesting to see promotions like this directly for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, let's keep an eye here at Windows Club to pass on to you if it appears.

Xbox Brasil announces Black Friday with retail products

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