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Xbox Console Streaming dependent on upload speed

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While Project xCloud needs downloads, Xbox Console Streaming is more demanding. The requirement for high upload speeds is what sets Project Streaming Console apart from Project xCloud, Microsoft's Kareen Choudhry told Stevivor on X019.

Since the announcement of the start of testing for both services at E3 2019, I've always been a little confused about what a user would use if they had a Project xCloud subscription and an Xbox One at home. Asked Choudhry what this would be like on a daily basis, he replied:

“You should think of Streaming Console as a console feature,” Choudhry began. “You bought a console from us. You have the ability to play content on their console and we just want to make it as successful as possible to use in the software. We will not overcharge for this. It's about you casting from your home console.

“If you have, say, the upload speed that really supports it, you have a great experience. We want to allow it. ”

In fact, Microsoft says a home network "requires upload speeds of at least 4.75 Mbps, but 9 Mbps or more is ideal for the ultimate Xbox Console Streaming experience." You will also need download speeds of 10 Mbps or faster to play remotely on the device of your choice.

Because Project xCloud runs on Microsoft Azure server farms, this upload requirement is not required. For xCloud, Microsoft recommends download speeds of 10 Mbps or higher.

“In terms of Project xCloud, it's about bringing hardware into data centers and serving from the cloud,” continued Choudhry. “Just as Catherine (Gluckstein, Project xCloud General Manager) mentioned, we will allow you to stream content you own as well as embed the game quickly.”

With the background explained, Choudry and Gluckstein provided scenarios on when one of these technologies could be used.

“What if you traveled away from your home? What if someone is currently playing on your console at home? Asked Choudhry. “There is a whole list of scenarios.”

"Or you never buy a console, and this is your way to the Xbox ecosystem," Gluckstein added. "So, you know, we really think about all the scenarios."

Project xCloud and Xbox Console Streaming are in active testing in the US, UK, and Korea. The testing program will extend to more regions – and more devices – by 2020, although Brazil is not yet on the list.


Xbox Console Streaming dependent on upload speed

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