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Xbox One and its new age in search of great RPGs

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Xbox One and its new age in search of great RPGs

In an interview on Xbox On, Phil Spencer revealed more about the genre he believes Xbox Game Studios should focus on in the future. According to Spencer, the role-playing genre is something that worked well in the past for the Xbox, and role-playing games should be an area that their studios should target in the future.

Spencer said, “RPGs are intensifying for us” and remembers when the Xbox had several exclusives in the genre. “When I think of Mass Effect 1, which I worked on, Jade Empire, Fable – I remember we had really singled out RPGs as something important.”

With the Obsidian and inXile acquisitions at Xbox Game Studios, it seems that RPGs are still important to Xbox and the focus is still on the genre, so it's good that The Outer Worlds is released in Wasteland – ”I think RPG is a we purposely focused and wanted to do more. ” In addition, we know that Playground Games is creating an open world RPG alongside the likely Forza Horizon 5.

The Outer Worlds has been well received by critics and fans and has probably proved to Xbox that there is still an audience for singleplayer RPG. “As we watch the Xbox Game Pass grow and grow, we're seeing more genres coming in, and whether it's genres that used to be popular and coming back or creators trying new things because they have an ever-present audience and they can think about how to deliver stories to those people “. Looking to the future, Spencer added, "I think roleplaying is an area we should focus on."

It's good to hear that kind of talk from Spencer, although for some it brings back unhappy memories of not so long ago when two major Xbox RPG projects – Fable Legends and Scalebound – were canceled in quick succession, and Lionhead Studios has been closed completely.

The Outer Worlds was released directly on the Xbox Game Pass and received positive reviews with a current Metascore of 85. The upcoming major RPG release from Xbox Game Studios is next year with Wasteland 3 from inXile Entertainment. Wasteland 3 will have players traveling to the frozen remains of Colorado to rescue the Colorado Patriarch's lands from their three bloodthirsty sons.

Xbox One and its new age in search of great RPGs

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